Historical Events of 23 April

Historical Events of 23 April

Historical Events Of Today

  • 1990 - Today's day Namibia S. No. Become the 160th member of the League.
  • 1996 - Today, the separationist leader of Chechnya Dudayev died in an air attack.
  • 1999 - The launch of the three-day summit in Washington on completion of 50 years for the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
  • 2002 - Talks on cross border terrorism between India and China in Beijing.
  • 2003 - Decision to constitute Commission to resolve Kurd and Arab disputes.
  • 2007 - Former Russian President Boris Nikolaevich Eltsin dies.
  • 2008 - Today the Regional Research and Analysis Center, Lucknow has been recognized by the Central Government Department of Science and Technology.
  • 2008 - Indian Firms Fertilizer (IFFCO) and Egypt's Central Agriculture and Co-operative Union (KANKU) on Monday signed an agreement for new projects in the field of cooperatives.
  • 2008 - On this day, Meriki Congress announces the recognition of Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Aung Sang Sookie to the top civilian honor of the US Congress Gold Medal.

Historical Events of 23 April

Today's Famous Birthdays

  • 1858 - Today Pandita Ramabai - eminent Indian woman and social reformer was born.
  • 1889 - Today's G.P. Srivastav - Hindi Literature was born.
  • 1927 - On this day Annapurna Devi-Surbhar was the only female maestro who played the musical instrument.

Who Died Today in History

  • 1857 - Babu Kunwar Singh died today on the first day of Indian independence.
  • 1926 - On this day, Madhavrao Sapre - a national activist of national language, a devoted, intense thinker, freedom fighter and a dedicated worker for public works passed away.
  • 1973 - Today, Dhirendra Verma - Famous poet and writer of Hindi and Brajbhasha died
  • 1992 - Satyajit Ray director, story writer, litterateur on today
  • 2013 - Shamshad Begum - Famous Playback Singer of Hindi films died on this day

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