Historical Events of 19 April

Historical Events of 19 April

Historical Events Of Today

1975 - Today's launch of the first satellite Aryabhata in space with the help of the Soviet Union.
1977 - Start of satellite communication today
1999 - Today on B.B.C. The plan to start international news magazine by
2001 - Today, BSF Killed the Bangladeshi army from Meghalaya's village
2003 - Today, Chinese weight lifter Bang Ming Chen created a world record.
2005 - Today Cardinal Yoseph Ransinger of Germany was elected the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
2006 - Today the moon astronomer brought the first astronaut Neil Armstrong to him.
2007 - Cartoonist Brand Parker's death of The Wizard of Id series on today.
2008 - Today, the Uttar Pradesh Government announced the creation of a new committee to acquire land in western Uttar Pradesh.
2008 - Today, Pakistan has successfully test-fired a missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon of 2000 km of missile Shaan-2.
2008 - Today, two telecommunications satellites from Brazil and Vietnam have been launched simultaneously with the Arian-5 rocket from Kuru, Europe's Space Center located in French Guyana.
2010 - After getting evidence of global warming today, one team from Nepal mountaineers cleared the death zone above Everest's 8 thousand meters, Everest expert Namgyal Sherpa, led by the Everest expert, "Actually Everest Expedition 2010".

Historical Events of 19 April

Today's Famous Birthdays

  • 1864 - Today, Mahatma Hansraj - the famous Arya Samaj leader, social reformer and educationist born of Punjab was born.
  • 1950 - Today, H.S. Brahma - Former 19th Chief Election Commissioner of India was born.
  • 1968 - Today Arshad Warsi - An actor from Hindi films was born.
  • 1977 - Anju Bobby George, the famous athletic player of India, was born on this day.

Who Died Today in History

  • 1728 - On this day, Kirat Singh Ju Deo, Ghoshchandra dynasty King dies
  • 1882 - Today, Charles Darwin - great naturalist scientist died.
  • 1910 - On this day, Anant Laxman Kanhere - The youth revolutionaries who died in the country's freedom have died.
  • 1933 - Today's day Syed Hassan Imam - Former President of Indian National Congress passed away.
  • 1943 - Today, C. Vijay Raghava Charair - Famous National Leader died.

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