Historical Events of 07 April

Historical Events of 07 April

Historical Events Of Today

  • 1994 - Today the President of Rwanda Juvenal Heavy Irani and President of Burundi, Cyprian Nityamita, died in a rocket attack at Kigali Airport.
  • 1998 - World Health Organization's announcement to celebrate World Health Day as a Day of Women's Medical Day today.
  • 2000 - Today the publication of the world's smallest newspaper 'Your Honor' from Brazil begins today.
  • 2001 - Today, to apologize instead of regret from the United States of China,
  • 2001 - Today, the United States of America and India's Defense Cooperation Agreement,
  • 2001 - Unlike the protocol today, President Bush meets Indian Defense Minister Jaswant Singh,
  • 2001 - Today NASA's Odyssey sails to Mars for Mars.
  • 2004 - In the report released by Amnesty International, China, Iran and the United States were told at the forefront of the death penalty.
  • 2004 - In today's day, the refugees of the Myanmar Embassy in Kuala Lumpur handed over the fire.
  • 2006 - Today, 79 people killed in a bomb blast in Baghdad.
  • 2008 - Today, the militant outfit ULFA, organized by Assam, celebrated its 30th raising day in Assam.
  • 2008 - The day-to-day two-day India-Africa Summit begins in New Delhi.
  • 2008 - During the relay races in Paris, the torch of the Olympic Games has to be quenched five times during the heavy ruckus and protests.

Historical Events of 07 April

Today's Famous Birthdays

  • 1836 - Today is Thomas Hill Green, English professor of science philosopher, White Professor at Oxford University.
  • 1919 - Kashmiri Lal Zakir - The famous Urdu poet who was honored with Padmashree was born on this day.
  • 1920 - Today Pandit Ravi Shankar was born the famous sitar player.
  • 1942 - Today, Jitendra - Indian film actor was born
  • 1980 - Sanjoy Dutt, Indian American wrestling player was born on this day.

Who Died Today in History

2011 - Junkie Vallabh Shastri - the famous poet died on this day
2014 - Today's V. Murthy, Famous cinematographer of Hindi films died

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