Historical Events of 04 April

Historical Events of 04 April

Historical Events Of Today

  • 1905 - Today, in the Kangra Valley earthquake, 20,000 people were known.
  • 1949 - Today the establishment of the North Atlantic Military Organization (NATO) was the result of the early period of the Cold War.
  • 1979 - Today's execution of former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
  • 1994 - On this day, the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama announced Tibetan child Ugyen Thinely Dorji as the new Karmapa.
  • 1997 - On the day of purchasing power capacity, the World Bank has declared India as the fifth largest economy in the world.
  • 2001 - On this day, China's refusal to return US aircraft and crew, filing chargesheet against former President of the Philippines, Arutrada.
  • 2004 - Maoists set fire to 18 Indian oil tankers on the international border of Indo-Nepal on this day.
  • 2006 - On the present day, Iraq's deposed president Saddam Hussein faces new charges.
  • 2008 - On this day, former Delhi Chief Minister Madan Lal Khurana accepted BJP membership.
  • 2008 - On this day, the new government of Pakistan removed Major General Nadeem from the post of intelligence chief of the army.
  • 2010 - Ten security personnel were killed in the landmine blast in Orissa, India's Koraput district today by the Maoists.

Historical Events of 04 April

Today's Famous Birthdays

  • 1889 - Makhan Lal Chaturvedi - Today, the poet, writer, journalist of the Hindi world was born.
  • 1949 - Today, Parveen Bobby - Indian actress was born
  • 1972 - Lisa Ray - Indian actress and fashion model was born on this day
  • 1976 - Simran - Indian actress was born on this day.

Who Died Today in History

  • 1987 - On this day, the unknowable, Sachchidanand Hiranand Vatsyaayan - the famous Hindi writer died.
  • 1995 - Hansa Mehta - Famous social worker, freedom fighter and educationist of India died on this day.

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