Historical Events of 02 April

Today's Important Events

Historical Events Of Today

  1. 1984 - On this day Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma, became the first Indian astronaut to go under mission Soyuz T-11.
  2. 1989 - Today the leader of Palestine Liberation Organization Yasser Arafat elected President of Palestine.
  3. 1999 - Today, the Commonwealth (CIS) Summit of Independent Nations concludes in Moscow.
  4. 2001 - Today's murder of 35 police officers by Maoist insurgents in Nepal.
  5. 2007 - Today a mighty tsunami occurred in the Solomon Islands.
  6. 2008 - Today's announcement to hold assembly elections in three phases in Karnataka. Ramrao Committee recommends constituting a defense technical commission under the chairmanship of the Defense Minister.
  7. 2008 - Today, top leaders of ruling parties in Nepal signed a 10-point agreement to investigate violence that took place before the election.
  8. 2008 - Howard Business School affiliated to Howard University in the US today appointed Ms. Anjali Raina as Executive Director of her India Research Center in Mumbai.
  9. 2011- On this day, the Indian cricket team defeated Sri Lanka at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium and named them the ICC World Cup, 2011 trophy.

Historical Events of 02 April

Today's Famous Birthdays

  1. 1891 - Today, T.B. Cunha, the famous freedom fighter of Goa was born
  2. 1902 - Today, a big Ghulam Ali Khan classical singer was born
  3. 1942 - Roshan Seth - Actor born on this day
  4. 1969 - Ajay Devgan - Today, the famous actor, director and producer of Indian Bollywood films was born.
  5. 1881 - Today VV Subramanya Iyer - a freedom fighter and revolutionary nationalist was born.

Who Died Today in History

  1. 1720 - Today, Balaji Vishwanath, Shahu's Commander Dhanaji Jadhav passed away today.
  2. 1825 - Bandhul, a famous Burmese (Burma) general died today.
  3. 1907 - Today Radhakrishna Das - Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujarati etc. Good knowledge of the languages ​​and literary was passed away.
  4. 1933 - Today, Ranji, Indian wizard's magician dies

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